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Wilburs Clearing Shelter
This was a fairly easy hike as it only took about 15-20 minutes to get to from the trail-head parking lot. Be prepared to encounter lots of mud and lots of AT hikers as the trail follows the Northbound AT for about a half mile or so. There was multiple tent pads on the hill before the Shelter and plenty of room for backpackers and hikers. The fire pit was large and could hold enough wood to sustain a few-day fire. There was also a picnic table and composting toilet very close by.

[Image: PXe859d.jpg] [Image: PXe859d.jpg]
[Image: uacEFPz.jpg] [Image: VICxPrp.jpg]
[Image: WHt8jWM.jpg] [Image: tL0jXFu.jpg]
[Image: tNJfNT5.jpg] [Image: nIJus3Q.jpg]
[Image: GSntp0B.jpg] [Image: Iuod5RR.jpg]

Here's a GPS location for the shelter if you need it for your Handheld GPS.

(42.66778° N, -73.170299° W)

Here's a Google Maps link as well.

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