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Tips/Tricks How To Hang A Hammock
Why should you ditch the tent for a hammock? How about less weight, less gear, less hassle and a better nights sleep?

Hammocks are the new and upcoming way to go camping, but how the heck do you start hammock camping? It's actually easier than you think! Hammock camping requires a few basic pieces of gear, a hammock, two carabiners, and some straps or rope. Most hammock camping kits weigh anywhere from a half pound to 3lbs.
 [Image: 0TTW2mp.jpg]

Once you've gotten your gear that you want to hang with, go find two sturdy trees about 15-25ft apart. Unlike tent camping, both of the trees do NOT need to be even, you can simply adjust your straps so that your hammock is level with the trees.
[Image: pVWASQH.jpg]

After choosing your trees you're going to need to break out your straps or rope. I highly recommend using at least a 1-inch strap as it will prevent you from "ringing" a tree which kills it. The best way to think about this is to take some 550-paracord and wrap it tightly around your arm, it hurts or isn't very comfortable. Take some 1-inch strap and do the same thing and you'll find it doesn't hurt at all because the forces are spread over a larger area. You can use just about any type of straps but I highly recommend some 15+1 loop straps as they have 15 different adjustable hanging points on each strap!
[Image: CTleZa9.jpg] [Image: nT1Cyqa.jpg]

Take your straps and wrap them around the trees you chose and stick the 15-loop end THROUGH the single loop on the end and pull it tight at your desired height. If the strap keeps falling to the ground do not worry, once it has tension from the hammock it will be held securely in place.
[Image: AFizJpp.jpg] [Image: kjf0aEa.jpg]
[Image: 7NL0Hd4.jpg]
[Image: XLO1yMZ.jpg] [Image: 8Dwj1Ao.jpg]

Now break out the hammock and carabiners and clip the carabiners to the ends of the hammock. Your hammock should have came with some rope or straps that extend slightly past the fabric, these are for the carabiners and is where the hammock hangs from!
[Image: B68hmRS.jpg] [Image: LFCTEix.jpg]

Once you have the carabiners attached, you can now hang your hammock! Start by clipping one end of the carabiner to the last loop on one side of your straps, take the other end and pull it tightly while holding the strap. Once the hammock is tight clip the carabiner about a loop or two down from there to ensure the hammock isn't too tight as that will cause discomfort. Count the loops on the side that isn't clipped to the last loop and split the difference between the straps to even the load between the two straps!
[Image: twEpbNN.jpg] [Image: jy8Z8xV.jpg]

Step back and look at your hammock! You have officially hung a hammock! Lay down and enjoy your accomplishment as it's one of the most comfortable ways to relax, sleep and hangout.
[Image: vTu4538.jpg] [Image: 2LDCdik.jpg]

If you have any questions or if anything at all was unclear please feel free to post below! Hammock camping and hammock hanging is becoming more and more popular each day, become part of the hammock movement with us  and the thousands of hammock hangers already out there!

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