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News What Is Hammock Camping?
Hammock camping which tends to go by the term "hammocking" is a new and upcoming trend in the camping, trekking and hiking world as the newest way to relax, hangout and sleep. Typically when you think of a hammock you picture the netted/woven rope with a wooden/metal spreader bar style that was flat, hard to get into and once you were in you had to balance yourself or you'd fall out. Camping hammocks are very different in the fact that they "cocoon" you in material and instead of being flat they are sort of round shaped when you're in it.

[Image: ATGxmFD.jpg] [Image: jmD5ZhV.jpg]
[Image: k9PaloM.jpg] [Image: G8SgRdy.jpg]

Hammock camping is lighter than tent camping because you only need a hammock, tree straps and two carabiners to setup a hammock. A tent requires an entire tent, poles, tarp, stakes, ect and needs to be setup on flat ground. A hammock doesn't care what the terrain around you looks like as long as you have two hanging points you're set. Camping hammocks can be relatively cheap with lower priced hammocks going for $25 but higher priced hammocks will set you back $275! Hammocks paired with a rainfly and underquilt can be an unstoppable setup in the deep wilderness while keeping the pack light allowing for faster movement or less fatigue. Sleeping in a hammock will leave you feeling well rested and ready to hit the trail.

I highly recommend that anyone interested in hammock camping or hammocking check out our "How To Hang A Hammock" post as well as our "Camping Hammock & Gear Manufacturers" post to find yourself a hammock and gear and get to hanging with us!

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