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ENO Atlas & Atlas EXT Utility Suspension
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After months and months of struggling with rope, and homemade straps I finally gave in and bought a set of ENO Atlas straps as well as some ENO Atlas EXT Utility straps.
[Image: Pzd0iR0.jpg] [Image: KTUbIL9.jpg]

At first glance I thought these were just another set of tree straps to add to my collection but after months and months of hanging with them, I found out why ENO got it right. These straps have 30 hanging points and offer 18 feet of hanging adjustment. These straps paired with the Atlas EXT Utility straps have been a lifesaver when it comes to difficult hangs. The Atlas EXT Utility straps give you an extra 54in of strap length each for when trees are just a little too far apart and you could really use a little bit more strap. I don't go on any adventure without my ENO DoubleNest and these Atlas straps and I recommend you pick up a set as they're well worth the money. They even include a compression/stuff sack so that you can toss them in your bag!
[Image: wemhj81.jpg]

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